• One-on-One Personal Training:  Get the most out of your time with dedicated trainer time  --  $55/hr (10hrs for $500)
  • Partner Training:  Keep your training fun by sharing your training time with a friend (2 people)  --  $80/hr
  • Small Group Training: Very social and economical way to get personal training time. (3-5 people)  --  $52/mo/pp
  • Large Group Training:  Circuit training combines strength and cardio. (6-10 people)  --  $42/mo/pp
  • Large Group Circuit Training:  Keep an eye out for these fun special events.  (6-10-20 people)  --  $25/pp
  • Workplace Fitness:  Special activities or support programs at your place of business -- Case by Case
  • Speakers Bureau:  Have a nationally certified trainer speak to your group about various fitness topics -- Contact us for further information
  • Watch for Special Events and Classes!!!

Gift Certificate Punch Card

Give the gift of fitness. 10 group training sessions for $100 or 20 for $175